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Against the Misuse of Police Waivers


This campaign against the misuse of speed awareness courses (named AMPOW) has been created because the actions of the police in offering such "Education Courses" as an alternative to prosecution for speeding and other offences are distorting road safety policy. It is leading to the proliferation of speed cameras and threatened prosecutions because the police now have a direct financial incentive to maximise their activities in this area. This is wrong.

In our view there is no statutory support for this activity and it is contrary to law. In addition it is a perversion of justice for the police to waive prosecution on the basis of money being paid to them.

There is also no hard evidence that putting people through a speed-awareness course has any impact on their subsequent accident record, or behaviour in general. So what we now have is an enormous industry dedicated to raising money to pay course operators, the police and other organisations who benefit from these arrangements.

The Government has claimed that the police only recover their "administration" costs but that is not in fact true. They are actually using their proportion of fees paid by course attendees to finance more cameras and more staff to operate them plus to fund other equipment and activities from the surpluses generated. We can provide evidence on this.

We ask the Government to put a stop to these arrangements forthwith simply because Parliament has never approved these activities. We are also considering a legal challenge to these arrangements.

Background & History

A Perversion of Justice?

Profits and Where They Go

The Evidence

Background Justice Profits Evidence


We launched this campaign to stop the abuse of speed awareness courses driven by  financial incentives and not road safety. But we do need your support to get the Government to pay attention. If you agree with us, and wish to stop the financing of speed cameras by this dubious practice which has nothing to do with improving road safety, please register your interest by signing our petition here:


Stop the slush fund that finances more cameras - sign the petition now.

The police should not be accepting bribes to waive prosecution by offering you a speed awareness course.

We aim to stop the misuse of police waivers to finance more speed cameras.

Why It is Illegal


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Latest news May 2021: New legislation will make speed awareness courses legal. See