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Against the Misuse of Police Waivers

Why It Is Illegal

The financing of the police by the use of prosecution waivers has never been supported by legislation or regulations so there is no statutory authority for them. They were effectively introduced by police chiefs to side-step Government funding policy. And it is surely contrary to public policy for financial incentives to be given to the police in this manner. The police are using their statutory power to prosecute or issue a Fixed Penalty Notice as a means to secure extra-statutory revenue (i.e. revenue not authorised by legislation).

Note that the statutory scheme that enables the deployment of speed cameras does not authorise the recovery of police costs. Neither of course does it authorise the charges made by the course operators.

In addition using the threat of prosecution to secure payment is an abuse of police power.

This campaign is considering a legal challenge to these practices if a suitable opportunity arises and we can raise enough funds to do so and we have already taken legal advice from a QC on this matter who supported our position.

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