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Against the Misuse of Police Waivers

Harassment of Drivers

The ordinary motorist now faces on a daily basis that he might be threatened with prosecution for very minor or accidental infringements of speed limits, many of which they might consider unreasonable. The reason why they accept taking a speed awareness course is because the alternative is a fine and points on their driving licence. Accumulating points can lead to disqualification which is a very serious matter for those drivers who rely on a driving licence for their work.

Note that drivers are often told by police that taking a course will not need to be advised to their insurers leading to a rise in their premiums whereas a prosecution/conviction or payment of a fixed penalty notice would have to be notified. So again there is a direct incentive to take the course. Such statements are not necessarily true and drivers should always advise such matters to their insurers. Some appear to consider it of no importance and will not adjust their premiums, but others will do so.

Many drivers have privacy concerns about the excessive use of cameras of all kinds which seem out of all proportion to the need to regulate sensible road use. Such use of "big brother" technology to monitor our every move is oppressive and unnecessary. Drivers have enough problems to cope with in modern road conditions without having to constantly watch their speed and look out for speed cameras - both distracting activities when they should be looking at other road users.


We hope we have shown in this web site that the diversion of fees made to attendees at speed awareness courses is legally dubious and is unjustified by the claimed benefits. It has introduced perverse incentives (namely the profit motive) into police activities which has undermined their activities in improving road safety.

If you agree with us, and wish to stop the financing of speed cameras by this dubious practice which has nothing to do with improving road safety, please register your interest by signing our petition here: